Welcome to CLAUD

Promoting accessible and inclusive libraries

Welcome to the CLAUD website.

CLAUD is a consortium of higher education libraries based in South and South-West England.  We are dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusion in libraries.  

We bring together like-minded librarians to share ideas, tips, thinking, and best practice online and in person at our regular study days.  We curate a hub of online resources supporting our members professional development and research.  We also offer student bursaries and research funding to encourage and support ongoing interest and investigation into accessibility and inclusion in libraries.

Student bursaries

Student carrying out research in a library cafe.  Student bursaries are available to any student studying accessibility and inclusion in libraries.Are you a student on a CILIP accredited degree course?  If so, you could apply for one of our student bursaries!  CLAUD is willing to give you up to £500 to fund any dissertation looking into accessibility and inclusion in libraries.

If we fund your project, not only will you get money to fund travel and research expenses but but you will get to present your findings to potential future employers!  

Find out more and apply. 

Latest news

New Committee members

Latest news - Seedlings sprouting, representing the new growth of the CommitteeWe are pleased to welcome David Rooney, Kelly Hodge, and Martyn Hoskins to the CLAUD Committee.  We have been quite short staffed for some time, and so it is really good to get more people on board. 

If you would like to know more about Committee activities and perhaps even join, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.